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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I did work on JACOB during the vacation. Another fix.

Mostly on the plane. I did a lot of editing. (get ready to read the worst sentence I've ever written- never mind I couldn't help myself I change it) The writings that are NOT those which should never have been written, yet are those I labeled "the suck" aren't all bad- rather they are but in an easily fixable kind of bad- cutting mostly.

So good.

Also, I TOLD the story to Uncle Dan and he digged it. More important, I DIGGED IT. This means that- with the changes in place, it is mostly fixed. WHOOOO-HOOOO!!!

What this means is- for the first time since I can remember, I think this can be a good book. Holy crap...

Okay but I realized there's something else. I wrote a suicide scene in college and always liked it so I threw it into JACOB but it doesn't work because Jacob really shouldn't want to kill himself at that point because Jenny told him he didn't kill his mom. But I can have her tell him the thing about her father betraying him and NOT the part about the mom...

Then Jenny can redeem herself by getting Gene and bringing him to Hawaii to see Jacob. Have Jacob NOT go back to the mainland- have him go back to the hotel. Then Jenny brings Gene and tells Jacob that Jacob's mother is still alive. In a single conversation he gets his father and his birth-mother back. He didn't kill his mom etc.


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