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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Post of the day from Wretchard

long time since I did a post of the day. It is here.


That he should be the subject of a police investigation simply for asserting the undesirability of homosexuality shows that in the pantheon of political correctness some gods must bow down to others. It is similar to the scissors-paper-stone game in that one object trumps another, but unlike the oriental game the inequalities are not circular: Muslim beats Jew, Gay beats Muslim but Jew does not beat Gay. In modern, liberal Europe, the relationship between politically correct objects is strictly transitive: Gay > Muslim > Jew > any class of "nonvictim" human beings. The mystery is: how did it get this way?

The rest of the post asks how things got that way. What's the dynamic? He posits Shelly's "unelected legislators" made it so. But how do they get elected? He doesn't know. I responded in his comments:

Fantastic post. The left's unelected legislators get "elected" by taking over enshrined institutions that were formerly apolitical or bipartisan. Nobel commitees, the NYTimes, environmental groups, big 3 news shows, etc.

The right's unelected legislators, like YOU Wretchard, get "elected" by presenting ideas that ring true, and make people want to share them with others.

The enshrined institutions are much more easily targeted by those who wish to subvert them to effect change. More open or newer system that distribute information, like the blogosphere, require different skills.

You have the skills. Even as I wrote the above I was wishing I was reading what YOU wrote about it because I knew you'd write, and actually THINK, what I was thinking better than I would. Lol!

It is kind of funny that you didn't seem to realize you are one of the unelected legislators. Were you really unaware of it?

That's a bit Salieri to his Mozart I guess... sans the envy of course.



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