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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Government Goons..The post of the day

is here. It is excellent. It describes a case before the Supreme Court, involving property rights. Well, you just have to read it, I can't sum it very well. Anyway, I try to stay away from sky-falling predictions but, if the Supreme Court rules against private property rights it will be, er, the suck.

However, what bothers me about this article is that the elected officials of the county decided to take this lady's home, for no particular reason, in the first place. Then some judges decided it was fine. Somebody in the government should have stopped this long before it reached the Supreme Court!!! The written laws of the land cannot stand if the government is full of elected politicians and unelected bureaucrats who are dicks.

The Soviet Constitution made the American one look fascist... but they are just words, in the end. The individuals in government must act in good faith for those words to matter.

A similar situation has evolved here on Kauai. More on this later.


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