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Monday, February 21, 2005

Muslims AGAINST Islamists!!!

Have you felt despair when you considered that CAIR is the Muslim mouth piece in America?
Me too.
Have you felt despair becaue, while everybody says there ARE moderate Muslims, you haven't seen (m)any?
Me too.
Have you felt despair because, considering the above, you thought maybe Muslims are IMMUNE to the American virus? (you know, the virus that makes you respect others' rights as if they are your own- that makes you give up the tribalism and generational grudge holding that made the place you left suck so much in the first place- that virus)?
Me too.
Well, today's post of the day, from Dean's World, will cure what ails you. There ARE moderate Muslims, and they HAVE grouped together to fight fundamentalist Muslims... The MSM likes to feature CAIR, and allows CAIR to frame most issues re. the War on Terror, and Muslims in America, but the ISCA is out there, and so are the Free Muslims Against Terrorism.

Thank God!


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