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Monday, February 07, 2005

A Gift for You, Dear Reader-

In March of 1998 I owned a mildly successful business, enjoyed a moderately good romantic relationship, drove a decent car, lived in an okay apartment, and felt pretty happy. Two years later I was making $6.95 emptying shipping containers by hand, suffering through desperate sex with mermaids (Halloween) and schizos (don't ask) on Ecstasy, sleeping on a bunk bed in a hostel with a rotation of complete strangers (and bedbugs, occasionally) in the bed above me, and felt pretty miserable.

What happened? I sold the business so I'd have money to write full time, dumped the girlfriend so I wouldn't be distracted from the writing, and lost the apartment when I ran out of money. The result was my first novel, NEVA. I wouldn't change a thing.

Anyway, I never sold it to a publisher. I never tried. Fear of rejection? Maybe. It is kind of complicated. But I don't want to get into that, here. A few hundred people have read it. Most said they enjoyed it very much, a few said it was the best thing they've ever read, and a few didn't even finish it.

Since then I've written a second novel, CLOWN, and I'm finishing the final draft on my third novel, JACOB. It is difficult to write for yourself, and this blog has provided me with an audience for my writing. A number of you visit every day, and I'm very grateful.

So email me at

theronm1971 die bots die! @ die bots die! hotmail.com and I'll email you a copy of NEVA. It is a sci-fi fantasy novel. A quick, fun read. Starts off kind of weak but picks up nicely and finishes very strong.


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