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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Post of the day and goodbye to the Diplomad...

Today's post of the day explains why exceptionally smart, exceptionally well educated people are often wrong about real world applications tangetial to their areas of expertise. This phenomenon, if you apply it loosely, can partially explain: why social engineering so often fails; why top-down systems are less dynamic than bottom-up systems; why Foggy Bottom is so foggy; why academics dig Marxism; why Camelot failed, and on and on.

The Diplomad, The Belmont Club, and NewSysiphus were the blogs most likely to produce a post of the day, and now one of them is gone. The Diplomad inspired several of my posts, and was a Harkonnendog Award winner. Maybe he used up years worth of thoughts during his 6 months of blogging and he feels relieved, empty. Maybe, like the androids in Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep? he burned out so quickly because he burned so bright. Anyway, his quitting is the suck. Unlike the guys at Powerline being all nice and hoping he'll return, I'd like to say- screw you Diplomad! there are other bloggers in the sea- I'm going to find a blog that looks just like you, sleep with it, and then dump it.


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