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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Post of the Day

I cruise the winners of the Harkonnendog Awards M-F... from now on, every day, I'll pick a post of the day from that list and post it here. Here is the first one!

Post of the day … an email from a Marine in Fallujah describing Fallujah on election day.

And here's a bonus. This is from the Apprentice recap at televisionwithoutpity.com, which talks about shows you've missed or already seen and wish to experience through print... uh, yeah, that's right. This made me literally laugh out loud:

And as long as Brian wants honesty, John isn't finished. "Brian, you botched this task. People here don't like you. I'm the only person here that's been trying to put out fires with people and quash all that shit." Brian tries for "patronizing," but you can hear the creeping panic: "John, it's all part of your game." John insists it isn't, because he wants to win the task, and they're clearly not going to. John looks at Brian walking away. "You screwed the poodle today, man," he says. "And you screwed the poodle with me." Can I just say...Unluckiest. Poodle. Ever.


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