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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cognitive dissonance graph

This post was inspired by the Post of Day below. I want to create a graph here, labeling different groups and how much cognitive dissonance they suffer. Brief definition of cogdis, for those too lazy to follow the link who don't know: (from Wikipedia)

Cognitive dissonance is a state of imbalance between cognitions. For the purpose of this theory, cognitions are defined as being an attitude, emotion, belief or value, or even a mixture of these cognitions. In brief, the theory of cognitive dissonance holds that the human mind tends to adopt thoughts or beliefs so as to minimise the amount of dissonance (conflict) between cognitions.

10 equals total wackjobs – 1 equals people whose world view is so accurate that it requires very little rationalization and/or ignorance to maintain.

10. Christians, Jews, or Muslims who take their holy books literally and/or as the literal word of God.
Supporters of partial birth abortion.
9. Communists.
8. Black Muslims.
7. Jews who are pro-Palestine.
Castro supporters.
6. Socialists
Most of Continental Europe
5. The MSM
Blair’s Britain
4. Christians, Jews, and/or Muslims who consider their holy books as written by men who had mystical experiences.
3. Neo-cons. Gun nuts.
2. Cowboys (why? from the person who suggested Cowboys:
Have you ever seen a Cowboy on welfare?
Have you ever seen a Cowboy that was not Patriotic?
Have you ever seen a Cowboy that wasn't self reliant)

This is a work in progress. Updates will be made as they occur to me. Suggestions in the comment section are greatly appreciated. Especially by my liberal friends... in fact maybe I'll make two... on from the right perspective and one from the left perspective...


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