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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Who's kookier- kooky Christians or kooky Christian critics?

Condi Rice-
There's been talk of a Hilary vs. Rice ticket in 2008. This article say Rice would be a bad candidate... The article is smart, well-written, concise, and persuasive. Okay, now forget about that article and listen to my reason, which is pretty much its opposite:
The REAL reason Condi is not presidential material is because she is madly in love with Dubya. No kidding. Look at her when she looks at him. Watch her face light up when asked about him. I mean Atlas couldn't resist the force of Condi's crush. With Bush retired to his ranch she'll have lost her lodestone and have to begin anew. No doubt she will. However, she should not be President during the process.

Who's kookier- kooky Christians or kooky Christian critics?

Last night I overheard the following conversation.

"Some people think it is okay to believe in the Tooth Fairy. But then what about believing in other kinds of Fairies? And then other gods, or idols. People don't think about that."

These were my fellow Christians. Of course they are- well- I don't want to be rude, but they are not really my fellow Christisans, any more than a patient in an asylum and their doctor are fellow residents. They are almost comedic figures. They are in fact manifestations of the Left's Christian Caricature. So while I find them funny they also piss me off. Compare the above to these exerpts from a nice discussion I had with a nice Lefty recently:

Hark, it wasn't science that proved Christianity is a hoax.
All thinking people can see that Christianity is a hoax because they have bothered to read the history of Christianity and how it was manufactured by a group of people who wanted to use it as a method of control.
To her credit, when called on it she did recant the No Thinking People Can Be Christians meme... but later she added this:

Hark, there are a lot of Christians who are excellent thinkers, but when it comes to religion they don't think, they accept what they have been told.
When you are indoctrinated with something from a very young age it is very difficult to change your ideas. (The entire debate, and the post that spawned it, are here.)

Which I countered by mentioning Augustine and Martin Luther. So you tell me, is it kookier to believe:
That kids believing in the Tooth Fairy is dangerous?
That the majority of Christians are non-thinking, or non-thinking about Christianity?

Personally, I think the kooky Christians are kookier. But it isn't a no brainer... hehehe.

is the best novel I've ever read. I used to vet books for my middle school's librarian, no kidding. She'd have me read books before she decided whether to keep them or not. I missed, collectively, at least a full year of classes during high school and college because I stayed home to read novels. Before the net got big I regularly worked 80 hour weeks at a job where 90% of the time I read books, while waiting for a chance to do actual work.

In short, I've read a lot. I read Cryptonomicon about two years ago, just reading casually, and thought it was great. But I'm rereading it, taking notes, dissecting it a bit, now, and I can say quite confidently that it is the best novel I've ever read.

Please read it.

Today's Post of the Day- regards Fallujah and and our decisive victory's consequences. One consequence was a treasure trove of intelligence, part of which established that Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have supplied terrorists and support to terrorists.

It also shows the disconnect the terror networks have with reality. The would-be terrorists from Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia honestly believed the terrorsits were winning until they entered Iraq. And they believed the Americans would never take Fallujah until the Americans decided to take Fallujah, and crushed them.

In the U.S. the left's disconnect with reality is now inconsequential because conservatives are in power. But 9/11 was an indirect result of their belief that appeasing terrorists doesn't encourage terrorism. In the EU the U.S. provided the military support, during the Cold War, and again in the Balkans, necessary for the region to have lapsed into a kind mass delusion about reality. The EU's wakeup call will be staggered, and has already begun with the murder of Theo Van Gogh. Their final awakening, (or reckoning) is probably a single generation away. Hopefully the American left will go to the grave believing what they believe now.


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