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Thursday, March 17, 2005

And yes MORE incompetent Raider reporting!

Welcome Raidernews.com readers! Again! While playing the self-appointed role of “Scourge of stupid is as stupid does Bay Area reporters” I have written this and this. Check ‘em out if you haven’t seen them yet, please. The Raider Nation response was massive and largely positive. So, first, Mahalo from this Kauai-based Raider fan.

I wanted to do it again, but there haven’t but a lot of recent ridiculous reports from the local media. There hasn’t been much news at all since the my last report. So I’ve widened the scope a bit. Here are three ridiculous mistakes the national media has made.

Mistake number 1! From Fox Sports:
The link: (this link works, but it doesn’t link to the same report I’m quoting from. That quote has vanished.)
The quote:
HARD TRUTH: The Raiders haven't had a consistent playmaker at safety since Albert Lewis retired after the 1998 season.
My comment on this:
In 2002 Rod Woodson had 8 interceptions (remember the 98 yarder against Dungver? Of course you do!) and 3 fumble recoveries. Not a consistent playmaker???

Mistake 2! From Sports Illustrated:
The link: (this one works)
The quote:
The Raiders franchised a lousy player, and now they might be stuck with him.
His name is Charles Woodson and his last great game was in Ann Arbor eight years ago.,…
My comment:
Now Charles Woodson is a LOUSY PLAYER??!?!?!? I know there is a faction within the Raider Nation that thinks CWood is overpaid, overrated, and that he doesn’t show the work ethic or leadership he should. Even if one concedes all of that- there is no way in hell CWood is a lousy player. That’s a ridiculous statement, and it shows how just how poisonous the CWood haterade is. Also, CWood has had his share of great games as a Raider. In fact, I recall he shut down one Randy Moss just last November.

Mistake 3!
The link:
The quote:
Last week, the Raiders signed defensive end Bobby Hamilton away from the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. Oakland ranked 30th in total defense last season.
My comment:
I am commentless… No I’m not. Do these people WATCH football? Nobody noticed Bobby Hamilton wasn’t in the Super Bowl? Nobody goes - ‘oh, wait a second’ while writing that??? LOL!

I admit it is slim pickings for this post... I don't think the reporting is getting better... I think there's just less of it. C ya’ next time, Raider Nation! Wait- just a couple quick comments. First, I LOVE that Jordan will be wearing Kenny King and Eddie Anderson’s number. Those are two of my all time favorite Raiders. Hopefully Jordan will continue to bring honor to their number. Second- those of you who know me from the boards know I’m one of CWood’s biggest supporters. I hate to say it, but 10.5 million is waaaay too much for ANY cornerback.


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