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Saturday, March 19, 2005

UPC Hits of the week

As a proud member of the UPC I want to share some of my fellow pundits best posts of the last week. I'm using my own titles. (and really these aren't their best- they are my favorites)

From Newshog:
NeoCons vs. Bush and big oil - yeah, no kidding. Weird piece. I can't quite figure out what to think of it, but it is definitely worth a read and some thought.

From Left of Center:
Reason #1,030,028,332 for believeing Political Correctness Sucks

From Fester's Place:
Premature Iraqulation. I disagree completely with this piece, whollisitically and fractionally- I mean I disagree with the theme and with almost every sentence. I inculde it to show the depth of division inherent in the UPC and because it shows why conservatives must win again in '08.

From PSoTD:
International Liberal Blog Roll Day I think it was a great idea. PSoTD came up with the idea, and he came up with the color code idea that partially informs the UPC as well. PSoTD is a big-idea guy. And I salute him for it.

from SimianBrain:
Sham didn't cheat on the gravitational pull-ups. You'll see she thought I did with Zell Miller, but I don't think I did, since the point was to choose people with opposing political views who you admire anyway.

From Pike's Peak
Bush has Big Cojones. Truer words were never spoken.

So there it is, my UPC wrap up of the week. Some of these posts will piss you off, if your politics are like mine. But that's kind of the point of the UPC. Engaging in civil debate with those one disagrees with is a privelege and a duty for all citizens of democratic republics.


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