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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Great news out of Lebanon

Via Instapundit come these two articles:
This one, from the Guardian, shows Syria intelligence forces, as well as their armed forces, are out of there. A good read.
This one, from Spirit of America, explains why this is so important.

Lebanon may be the only place in the world where you can buy a necklace with a Christian cross and a Muslim crescent moon fused together as one. What other country would even think of making something like this? I've never seen one before. But now I own two.
(see caption below)

Lebanon is approximately 40 percent Christian and 60 percent Muslim - that is if you count the Druze as Muslims, something they themselves don't do. Most people who live here - but sadly not all - have had enough of hatred and sectarian violence. They desperately want to bury the past. They spent the last 15 years learning to tolerate one another without going on rampages. Now they are moving beyond mere tolerance and are learning to like each other. It's so easy to break a truce. Much harder to break a friendship.


Some of the tent-city residents have told me their goals are not only national. The goals of some of them (but not all of them) also are global. They truly believe they are resolving the clash of civilizations here in Beirut by proving that Christian and Islamic civilizations can co-exist in peace and in friendship. Lebanon has long been a bridge between East and West. In the future it may play the crucial role of a peace broker.

Wow. Iraq emboldened Lebanon to throw off Syria, and now Lebanon may embolden tolerant Middle Eastern Mulsims (which I assume are a silent majority of all Middle Eastern Muslims) to tell the Islamist Muslims to STFU.
This is very good news. I fear Al Quaeda et al are mobilizing to turn Lebanon into a war-torn hellhole to forestall such a horrible defeat, but this fear may be unfounded. Many of the guys who would run to fight the Christians and Druze in Lebanon died fighting the Marines in Fallujah.
We can't win a war of attrition with Islamists in the Middle East unless we recruit more anti-Islamist Middle Easterners than the Islamists recruit. What's happening in Lebanon may prove to be decisive in that regard.


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