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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Another reason to love Justice Thomas

I guess the current incarnation of the U.S. Supreme Court understands that it will soon be reincarnated from a 5-4 liberal- read stasis and proto-fascist- court into a 5-4 conservative- read non-stasis proto-liberal- court. (I know it sounds weird. But when I say proto-liberal I mean liberal in the sense of the soul having room to breathe, as opposed to liberal in the sense of hysterically comparing Gitmo to the Gulag.)

So this stasis court (I love the word stasis- I don't even really know what it means- almost nobody really does- so when I use it in context it means whatever it should- don't you love that?) is now hearing case after case before it is killed off. Great.

So rich guys can now take poor people's homes. All they have to do is buy off local politicians, pay the poor people what the home is worth (and the paid-off politicians will decide what it is worth- isn't that wonderful?) and then they can “develop" the land. Great. Used to be, rich people had to dupe poor people. Now they can make the police strong arm poor people once they've bought off the county council. Great.

And now the Fed can regulate weed you grow in your own home for your own use BECAUSE IT HAS AN EFFECT ON INSTERSTATE COMMERCE!

Great. Congratulations to all you liberals! You decided long ago that the law is whatever the Supreme Court says it is, that the Constitution is a "living document," that the legislative and executive branches must defer to the judiciary. You basically separated the law from the people. Surprise, surprise- those decisions have had some unintended consequences.

The solution to this problem is Judge Thomas. If he is made Chief Justice he will overturn precedent to restore the Constitution. And the further solution is finding another judge JUST LIKE him.


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