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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Christian nutjob...

This guy, Father Daniel, should burn.
But it can help put these into perspective- imagine Romania was run by this guy and his buddies:
That's Iran;
That's Afghanistan before we liberated Afghanistsan.
Now imagine politicians use thousands of guys like Father Daniel to talk young men into going on Crusades throughout the world. Imagine Father Daniel runs the national television station.
That's Palestine;
That's Syria;
That's Algeria.
Now imagine Romanian strong men are tolerated, even revered, because only strongmen can keep guys like Father Daniel and his parishioners in check- and that at any moment nobody is quite sure whether the strongmen or the Father Daniels will be running things next week. And imagine the government of Romania is encouraging, or at least allowing, thousands of Father Daniels' faithful to go to war in a nearby country so that Father Daniel can't use them to get control of Romania itself.
That's Saudi Arabia;
That's Jordan;
That's Egypt;
That's Iraq before we liberated it.


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