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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another fake hate crime-sort of

It turns out this was just an honest mistake. Click here to read a description of what actually happened. An excerpt:

The student said he placed the book and other fire-damaged materials in a bag and left the bag at the Islamic Center with a note, which apparently blew away.

Okay, now click here to read Michelle Malkin's description of what people were saying when the bag was found. Below are two excerpts with some of my own comments:

Excerpt 1:

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations issued an immediate press release on June 16 calling for "Americans of all faiths to obtain and read the Quran after burned copies of Islam's revealed text were found" in a shopping bag at the front door of the Islamic Center of Blacksburg.

That seems fair enough to me. Not. If one idiot burns a Quran then Christians, Buddhists, Jainists, Pagans, Mormons- Americans of ALL faiths, should read the Quran? Wow. Using that logic, Americans of all faiths, including Muslims, of course, should be reading the Bible, er, regularly. (I was going to write "religiously" lol.) Why should they? Click here for one reason. And here for another. The best part is- your taxpayer dollars funded that artwork!

Excerpt 2:

Al-Qatami [Laila Al-Qatami, a spokeswoman for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in Washington] invoked the Guantanamo Bay bogeyman and blamed the burnt Koran incident on insensitive, ignorant Americans. The case, she asserted, was caused by "a lack of zero tolerance for hate crimes and 'a lack of information about Arabs and Islam as a whole.'" Al-Qatami also told the Roanoake Time: "Let's face it, books don't burn themselves and end up outside of a mosque. It's a willful act."

Whoa. The incident then was not caused by some lone idiot most Americans would be embarrassed to claim as our own, but by America itself! It was, in fact, a result of government policy and old fashioned American Ignorance and Insensitivity! America sucks!!! Oh wait, it didn't happen. Does that mean America is okay? That America is the home of the Knowledgeable and Sensitive? Of course not.

How shall grievance-mongers, (as Malkin dubs them) Muslim and otherwise, have their way without their grievances? For them, there is no question about whether or not Muslims are victims of religious bigotry, racism (I know it makes no sense but that doesn't stop people from making the claim, even one of my fellow UPC pundits is guilty of doing it), xenophobia, et cetera. Grievances are a grievance mongers reson d’etre, after all. But why does the press go along with it? As Malkin says:

The grievance-mongers' continued failure to act responsibly and with due skepticism when these cases arise is expected. But the mainstream media's failure to put its America-bashing instincts in check is intolerable.

The problem is so much of the msm is run by modern liberal grievance mongers. (That may be a tautology , I know. But I don’t want to get into that whole mess right now, mmkay?) MSM reporters are willing to believe claims that America is at fault- that Americans are ignoramuses, bigots, and so on- and that minorities in America are victims. Those same reporters distrust the US government, the US military, and anybody who does not share their grievance monger ideology. The result is an American public increasingly mistrustful of the MSM, increasingly wary of groups that claim to exist to protect civil rights, and increasingly cynical of all do-gooders.

Thank God!


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