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Monday, December 12, 2005

Thought on the Riots in Australia

The Aussie yobs were NOT just responding to what happened last week, they were responding to a pattern of harrassment and intimidation. The no-go areas of major European cities are the result of this kind of harassment...

But Austrailia isn't Europe, and a beach, especially a surfing beach, is VALUABLE. And it isn't valuable to middle aged men or old men, or to women. It is valuable to young, physically brave, physically powerful young men. I would be SHOCKED if the Austrailian surfers were intimidated off of a surfing beach, or allowed people to intimidate their women off of a surfing beach.

If a group of Muslims, or any group, started harassing local girls or life guards on a surfing beach in Hawaii the violence would be IMMEDIATE, instant. And if the surfers were badly outnumbered it would be same-day, probably same-hour, and the surfers would start with fists, and if that didn't work they would move to bats and knives, and if that didn't work they would move on to guns.

And I wouldn't blame them, to be honest. I mean if my daughter ever told me she was afraid to go to a beach because someone told her she'd better dress more modestly if she didn't want to be raped I'd fucking lose it. I would call by brother-in-law and tell him what happened and ask him to meet me at the beach and I would get my machete and put it in my car, drive to my parents house and get a gun just in case, (I don't have one of my own) and I'd go to that beach and find someone who looked like the person my daughter described. If there was one guy I would talk to him and if it WAS him I'd beat the living shit out of him and probably piss on his face after I choked him unconscious. And if he beat the shit out of me my brother in law would beat the shit out of him.

And there's nothing wrong with that, is there? I mean the police can't really do anything in that situation, but you can't really tolerate that kind of shit, can you?


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