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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

JACOB CHAPTER 1 new idea.

I get a lot of good ideas in the car in the morning. Okay.
Have Jenny go into the club towards the END of the show, when women are just throwing money. Jenny was a gymnast in college, she's used to heavily ripped guys- but there were a couple of guys at every tournament whose bodies seemed designed to make women, to make HER, go nuts. Jacob's like one of those guys.
She stares at him and then feels embrarassed- a shameful flush of heat makes her look at the floor, but then she looks again. Her eyes go on him, off, on, off.

She could not keep her eyes off him for more than a few seconds, but then she couldn't look at him for more than a few seconds before looking away in shame. "Put your fucking clothes on," she said under her breath.

Then she'll wait around while Jacob works the table, until she gets pissed and works the waiter- and then Jacob will:

a) tell her to fuck off- setting up the amphitheater
b) sit down with her before he tells her to fuck off.

advantage of b is that she can start to do all the body language stuff... But maybe she should just do it at the amphitheater...


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