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Monday, January 16, 2006


I've got the HD and the special HD-only channels you don't. HA!

And I've watched the entire run of WISEGUY over the last few months. This is the best show ever. EVER... Characters regularly go crazy on this show. People fall in love just because the sex is that good. Implacable enemies love each other BECAUSE they are enemies.

Everybody remember the Sonny Steelgrave saga and The Toes Knows saga- but Wiseguy continued on, brilliant as ever, after those storylines.

In fact, for me, the highlight of the show was the last storyline, in which Vinny infiltrates a town run by a crazy billionaire who watches an old movie too much. To get the guy sane XXX (I can't say who because it would be a spoiler) brings the billionaire INTO the movie and then changes the end of the movie. Crazy. Wonderful.

Television can depend on heavy-duty suspension of disbelief a LOT more than it does. I mean you're invested. You dig it. You LOVE the characters. You're willing to forgive a lot, as long as it doesn't become i-your-face insulting. As long as the actors don't start playing tongue in cheekily etc. And Ken Wahl never did. Ahhhh WISEGUY. You aren't missed because your memory is still with me.


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