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Friday, February 03, 2006

Sold another copy of CLOWN but there's a problem

I've now sold more books than I have to sell, so I need to order more books. I've been stealing the copies my mom bought to give out as presents on holidays and such and selling them to people for $15- a pop and NOT paying my mom back, lol... (I'm 34, it sounds like I'm 16 or something) but I've run out of those books, (10) plus I've run out of the books I bought to check for editing mistakes, (2) plus I double-sold 2 books, (with one book the person who bought it read it and then left it on Kauai when they went back home, with the other the person's mom paid me for it but forgot to give it to her daughter). I still have the second of the double-solds, which I guess means it is really a single-sold, but you get the idea.

So anyway, total profit is now $164.00... Almost pays for half of my wife's Valentine's Day present.


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