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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ann Coulter jumped my shark

No, that's not a sexual reference, nor even a sexual fantasy. She's gone too far, even for me. She's Joe Pesci in Goodfella's, our Ann. You put up with a lot of stuff because, hey, she was an earner. And when you needed a dog to let slip, she was the baddest pit-bull on the block.

But her "raghead" schtick really pushed it too far... And THEN, THEN, SHE APPARENTLY PUT DOWN A MUSLIM WHO IS ON OUR SIDE!!! From the Instapundit:

I didn't attend the event (I didn't actually attend any events except the book stuff in the Exhibition hall; I was supposed to be on a panel about online media but had to cancel) but as I understand it, Coulter made the raghead remark, and then a Muslim attendee -- perhaps the guy from "Muslims For America" that Helen interviewed for our podcast -- got up to object to the "raghead" remark, and she put him down.

This is wrong on more levels than I care to discuss. If I was a mafiosi in Good Fella's I'd tell her she was going to get made, then stick a gun into the back of her head and pull the trigger. First I'd tell her to get her shinebox...

To be clear, when I say on our side, I mean on the side of those who think civil liberties come first...

I wouldn't do Ann... (of course I wouldn't, I'm happily married to a woman much hotter than Ann, but I mean even if I WEREN'T)


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