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Friday, February 10, 2006

Great street brawl.

There's some retarded stand up, a crappy clinch, some ridiculously sloppy groundwork, and then a rear naked THAT PUTS THE DUDE ASLEEP.

Then the dude's dad, from what I can tell, goes after the other guy with a BASEBALL BAT!!

Then the other guys goes to his car and GETS A GUN!!!

Holy crap lol! But the best parts are the dialogue.
Dialogue 1:
Other Guy (to dude)
"Just tap out."
(He's saying this because he has a ridiculously sloppy rear naked applied and thinks the guy will nap if he doesn't tap out, that is submit.)


Other Guy:
"Just tap out."


Dude apparently doesn't sense he's in danger, and at this point he's not, or doesn't know what "tap out" means. The hilarious part is they both pause to have this conversation in the middle of the fight roflmao!!!

Then, when the bat and the gun come out, whoever is doing the filming starts screaming NOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOOO!!! like Darth Vader after the dentist droids (that's the sound they used) put his mask on.

Anyway, click here to watch. So funny!!!

Btw, I salute both these guys for raw toughness, and the spectators for letting it go down. The dad's an asshat, though.


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