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Monday, April 10, 2006

Shaving part the 3rd...

Put in the new Feather blade today... NO PROBLEM! HAHAHAHA!

I didn't have a repeat of the blood bath, for two possible reasons.

1) No pre-shave oil.
I stopped using the KOS pre-shave oil... Oil sucks for cutting, which makes it good for protecting your face from being cut but bad because you need more pressure to cut oil-covered hair. With these incredibly sharp feather blades the tiniest bit of pressure will lead to bloooooood.

2) Beard reduction.
I practiced beard reduction. Rather than trying to scrape my face clean with 1 or 2 aggressive passes I let the blade cut hair only by avoiding ever touching the blade to my skin. I did 4 passes, with ZERO irritation because I was not scraping my skin, but cutting my beard. This actually takes LESS time because you can go much faster because there is less danger.

Either way the answer was less pressure. I got a close shave, though not as close as the shaves that left me raw and bleeding, but also a very consistent, even shave. Ideally I would have baby but smooth skin after a shave, and also have zero irrititation. The way to do this, I think, is to have the shave I had today, and the do some gradually more aggressive against the grain passes.

I simply don't have the skin-stretching skills, the light-touch skills, or the grain-mapping skills necessary to pull it off. I'll get there. Really enjoyed today's shave!


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