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Monday, February 07, 2005

Post of the day.

Is here. It is about PSoTD's color coding system. I just think this idea is too good to let it die. Read Cernig's comments on that post, too. I agree with him and have written about that very subject here. This isn't much of a problem, as yet, but it will be.

The idea needs someone to write code that could be cut and pasted into the sidebar of a blog. On the side of this blog there's a thing that says I'm a Crawling Amphibean in the TTLB ecosystem. I'm computer illiterate, nearly, and was still able to stick that in there. If someone could make some code that allows bloggers to choose a color and display it by simply cutting and pasting, this idea could have a chance.

This related post shows how rapidly the dissemination of information is changing. New technologies create new benefits and new problems, and the color code confronts one of those problems. To be clear- the code does not necessarily connotate that a person is reaching out to the other side or is willing to compromise one's ideals for some sophomoric desire for togetherness- rather it implies that a blogger has manners and will voluntarily control their tone regardless of how strongly they feel about a subject.


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