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Monday, February 14, 2005

Post of the day etc.

I don't have a post of the day yet. I just wanted to say-
Great job by Dr Evil last night at the Grammys. Evil's Janis Joplin tribute was kickin'!

The below is cut and pasted direct from Dean's World.
1) While I am no Ann Coulter fan, I have to admit she sometimes gets off a great line. This is a paraphrase, but, "Yeah, religious fundamentalism is the real threat. That's why we're all so afraid of the Amish."
hehehe. gotta remember that one.

Here is the post of the day. It is a debunking of some of the popular conspiracy theories about 9/11. For instance that the planes were military planes. That the building were rigged to explode. That the Pentagon wasn't hit by planes at all... I suggest y'all bookmark this site so it is easily accessible next time a kook tries to convince you 9/11 was a conspiracty between (neo-cons, Jews, republicans, Wasps, Greenspan, Your Choice) and (Saudies, Big Oil, Corportate America, Christians, Your choice).


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