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Thursday, February 10, 2005

A 2nd Post of the Day... This is DISGUSTING

It is here. It is (via Newshog,) and it is EXTREMELY disturbing. It links to a New Yorker article and to another blog site, and the arguments made on those sights are compelling.

I must have heard a million complaints about Bush since he was elected. And, every single time, I found them to be petty (this entire Gannon thing) or false (Rathergate). But this is certainly not petty, and if it is not false- hell, I'll vote democrat in the next election just out of disgust.

I mean this is Bill Clinton shit, up and down. I would have expected this of Clinton because it reeks of wriggling cowardice, of scheming, of parsing, of deceit, of EVERYTHING Clinton and by proxy the democrat machine represented to me while Clinton was in power.

The temptation to stick this info into a dark closet of my mind and lock the door is strong, let me tell you. Cernig and Mr. M, I hope you'll keep me honest on this one...


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