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Sunday, April 03, 2005

My LATE gravitational pull-up

I apologize to my fellow UPCers for being tardy. So my favorite and my least favorite... Do I have to say why? Better, I think, to let them stand alone. (I mean you shouldn't have to write an apologia for your favorite, and you are sort of apologizing for your least favorite simply by nominating it as a least favorite, right? As an aside, I'm one of those guys who doesn't think authors are better critics of their work than critics, because once a book is done I think the text should stand alone. Don't you?)

My favorite is here. Excerpt:
The real difference is that, while the Crusaders fought to spread Christianity, we fight to spread Democracy. But this is no difference at all because we are imposing our most cherished, defining value, and so did they. The West, then, was defined by Christianity. The West, now, is defined by Democracy.

My least favorite is here. Why my least favorite? I didn't do the idea justice. It could have been really good, and I was lazy. Why did I explain after saying I wouldn't explain and then explaining why I wouldn't explain? I'm just like that, I guess. I'm not going to include an excerpt because I am ashamed of it.


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