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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I'm getting nutty.

I'm one of those people who are mildly schizo- I have occasional swings- manic to depressed- and one of the things that marks the start of a manic swing is a weird connection to music or a movie. Romeo and Juliet - I went CRAZY for that movie- I mean the modern gun toting version, to the point where I was suspected for a while that I was in love with a woman I DIDN'T LOVE, and she thought I loved her too though I never said any such thing (we hardly spoke at all, that kind of relationship) I did the same thing, except MORE SO, for the Moulin Rouge, except I wasn't getting any then so I didn't have any confusion. I mean I cannot describe the pure joy coursing through my body as I watched that flick, and the after-glow lasted for weeks and weeks.

What's got me going now? This is the craziest yet. I mean those were 2 great manic movies, or 2 great movies for manics, or both, so anyway anybody could go crazy for them, if not as crazy for them as a manic, right? Well, right now I'm going crazy for this song:

click here to listen to crazy song

Seriously. I've got it playing continuously on my Windows Media Player and have for the last two hours... and there is really no other possible reason for me liking this song this much. I'm getting nutty. This is the good part of it though, the manic part.

My wife has never experienced me when I went through one of these phases. (They come every few years.) I wonder if she'll dig it. Let me ask her mentally through this blog.

Can you dig it, baby?

I knew that you could.


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