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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Who will be 10,000?

There can be only one...


It was pacbell.net at 8:26 AM. He/she came to read about the Raiders.

10k... YESsssss!!! The Instapundit gets 10,000 every 10 minutes, but I'm taller.

I kicked this fat boy off in December of 2004- (I'd posted before that but that's when I started really blogging) so I'm averaging about 2k posts a month. Some highlights:

Getting my goof poem published by Powerline.
Getting to meet Cerning and the rest of the UPC, and becoming a founding member of the UPC.
Getting my Why Join the UPC post linked to by Dean's World.
Getting linked to by Slate.

I've enjoyed this blog quite a bit, and don't plan to quit anytime soon. Some changes are in store. Ideally I'll start linking to my site where I sell my novels soon. I keep waiting until my 3rd one is finished but that's taking forever- probably partly because I spend so much time blogging. Ideally I'll also switch off blogger to a more controllable site. Ideally I'll have some professional quality pictures of some insane and nearly impossible to get to Shangri-la Kauai shots. Ideally the next 10,000 won't be as long coming as the first 10,000.

Thanks so much to my regular readers.


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