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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Agghhh. Day 1 of the Book Blog

Okay. Here's the thing. I hate this more than I love it, but I'm all wrapped into it psyche-wise and such so I have to do it. But I am in constant rebellion with myself. Melodrama? Fuck you it is the truth.

Anyway here goes. Today's task:

Figure out how to E-Publish CLOWN.

CLOWN is about done. I mean there may be some tweaks necessary, a few typos I've missed, a couple things I could do... but I'm ready to publish. So how do I e-publish? Bet I can find out in one day. Hell, I can probably do it in one day.

Here goes.

TMI syndrome. After four hours of surfing through the muck I found this site, which lays out pretty much most of the stuff I wanted to know. In short, it says the best way to publish a novel is probably .pdf form, and Adobe Acrobat is the best way to go, though there is a slightly worse method that costs $30- about $220 less.

Ideally I'll have the book hosted by a website, my website, where you click a button, pay your $5- with a credit card or paypal or whatever, and get to download the book. It would be automated, robust (it wouldn't fail if I won the writer's equivalent of the lottery and a million people decided to buy the book at the same time) and cheap (for me, meaning I'd get to keep at least four of those five dollars). I'd have a link here at Harkonnendog that would send you to the place, and... well you get the idea.

This place will, for FREE, e-publish CLOWN and make it availabe for print on demand purchases. If someone does buy a copy they get just 20% of the profits. If people purchase 1 copy at a time it costs me $8- to publish the book, and then I add how much profit I would like. Say added a $5 royalty- they'd add $1.25 for 25% commission on my royalty. 8+5+1.25=$14.25... Pretty expensive for a paperback...

But they also e-publish for free, as part of the service. So every $5- I charge for that goes completely to me, apparently. I could have this done tonight... only downside, apparently, is it is too good to be true... Hmm...


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