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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Officials spotted San Diego 9-24 points in the 1st Quarter.

The officials caused this loss. What follows is a play by play breakdown. The bolded areas are specific about how bad officiating gave San Diego 9-24 points in the 1st quarter of the Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Charger game.

After a 60 yard kickoff return, (which I did not see because the Jaguar game ran late) San Diego started their first drive at the Raider 43 yard line.
1st and 10. Gates false starts.
1st and 15. Danny Clark knocks down a pass down the middle, meant for LT.
2nd and 15. Pitch right to LT. Gibson strings it out, knocking a Charger offensive lineman backwards. Fabian Washington makes a nice tackle. Gain of two
3rd and 13. Excellent pressure up the middle forces Brees to throw the ball early to LT. It is pretty much a throw away, as Kirk Morrison had excellent coverage. (GREAT DEFENSE.)

Punt. Chargers get a great bounce and down the ball at the Raider 4.

1st and 10. Crockett up the middle for 3.
2nd and 7. LJ up the middle for 1 or 2 yards.
3rd and 6. Bonehead play by Collins or Moss… Either Moss didn’t turn when he was supposed to or Collins screwed up. With all the talk about Moss not finishing routes, I think he assumed the pass wouldn’t come to him and decided to just run up field to clear out. (Disappointing series by Oakland offense. Turner needs to learn to set up the run with the pass. Duh.)

Punt. Great punt by Lechler, 55 yards and high enough to give coverage time, and great coverage by Cooper. Cooper blasts the return man, knocking the ball loose, but SD recovers.

1st and 10 from SD 30. LT up the middle for a yard. D-Line dominating the trenches.
2nd and 9. Pass to TE Peele in the right flat. CWood makes the tackle but not before the 1st down. No db covered Peelo on the play.
1st and 10 from SD 40. LT up the middle for -1. GREAT DEFENSE.
2nd and 11. Pass to Peele up the middle for 6. Kirk Morrisson was on him immediately. Good coverage, immediate tackle.
3rd and 5. Brees has time but nobody is open. He’s flushed to his left and throws a prayer to Eric Parker. No catch. The official calls defensive holding on Nnamdi. The instant replay shows, unequivocally, unquestionably, that there was NO holding. The official is not reaching for the flag until AFTER Parker makes his cut, which means the official is reacting TO Nnamdi’s left hand which DID NOT REACH OUT AND HOLD PARKER. There was no hold. Had there been a hold the correct call would have been pass interference since the ball is catchable. An absolute bullshit call. There is NO hold. THE RESULT OF THIS TERRIBLE CALL IS THE CHARGERS GET A 5 YARD AUTOMATIC 1ST DOWN. They would have been forced to punt.

1st and 10 from Raider 49 yard line. Pitch left to LT. Raider string out the play. Tyler Brayton runs himself out of the play. At the snap he runs diagonally towards the Raider 35 yard line, hoping, apparently, to catch Thomlinson 15 yards downfield! I can’t blame this on coaching. It is inconceivable to me that Brayton was not told to contain. LT cuts back and there is ZERO containment. Gibson ends up making the tackle after a 15 yard gain. Another good play by Gibson, actually, to recover that quickly.

1st and 10 from Raider 35. Off-tackle to Thomlinson. Gibson makes a SUPERIOR PLAY. He comes up , takes on the pulling Charger offensive lineman, number 68, KNOCKS HIM ON HIS ASS, and then KNOCKS LT ON HIS ASS!!! Great play!
2nd and 10. Touchdown pass to LT. Somebody didn’t pick him up. The only guy I saw running free was Danny Clark. Gibson, who was on that side, covered the tight end. Clark covered a crossing receiver for a moment but I think CWood had him in coverage, much the way he had coverage on TO on that play where he delivered the big hit agaist Philly… Not sure. Anyway, touch down Chargers. But the drive should have ended with a punt on the Bolt 45. This touchdown was the result of bad officiating.

Now, some people like to say “Well they didn’t score a touchdown on the next play so you can’t blame the officials.” This argument is stupid. The Chargers score touchdowns on about 1/3rd of all their offensive drives. The percentage of times they score touchdowns on drives that begin on their opponents’ 49 yard line or better is obviously higher than 33%. They average 2.83 points per offensive drive. (These statistics are available here, at Football Outsiders) Again, the average number of points they score from their opponents’ 49 is higher than that. The officials, by any fair or logical measure, just gave them at least 3 points, but if you could get the stats the number would probably be 5 or 6 points. So far the officials have spotted San Diego 3-7 points.

Chargers Kick off. (Why do you people like Carr? For every exciting return he makes he flubs two catches. He can’t judge a punt in the air! Turner needs to David Dunn his ass.)

1st and 10 from Raider 28. Play action. Collins tosses it high and deep for Moss. Moss is double covered. He sees the ball in flight, adjusts, (Ghost-to-the-Post-ish) and is about to make a great catch when the San Diego defensive back impedes his progress, stopping his run to get under the ball. Watch this play again. It is clearly pass interference. The dolt db is NOT MAKING A PLAY FOR THE BALL. HE IS TURNED AROUND!!! HE IS FACING MOSS WHEN MOSS RUNS INTO HIM!!! MOSS THROWS A HAND UP LOOKING FOR A FLAG. IT IS OBVIOULSY PASS INTERFERENCE! THE BALL WAS CATCHABLE. The other dolt DB makes the interception. (Moss then taps him on the helmet before he can get off the ground. No call on the tap. I’m not 100% sure about the tap, you can’t tell.) This happens at the San Diego 30 yard line.

Janikowski can make a field goal from there, assuming the Raiders don’t gain another yard. However, the Raiders may have been able to go in for a TD. We’ll never know. That’s another 3-7 points the officials have GIVEN the Chargers. SO FAR THE OFFICIALS HAVE SPOTTED THE CHARGERS 6-13 POINTS. To make things worse yet, the interception is returned all the way to the SD 45.

1st and 10 at the SD 45. LT to the 47. Great play by CWood and Clark.
2nd and 7. Draw to LT. CWood was blitzing and couldn’t adjust to make the tackle. 5 yard gain.
3rd and 2. Pitch left to Thomlinson again. Once again the Raiders string it out. Once again Thomlinson cuts back. ONCE AGAIN BRAYTON HAS RUN HIMSELF OUT OF THE PLAY!!! AHHHHH!!! AHHHHH!!! WATCH SOME FILM! I don’t blame this completely on Brayton. LT’s vision is crazy and he makes a move on him. In the end CWood fights off THE CLEAR AND OBVIOUS HOLD. THE BLOCKER’S ARM IS OUTSIDE CWOOD. CWOOD’S JERSEY IS DISTENDED. And CWood makes a vicious tackle after a gain of 18. I'm not counting this as a penalty that translates to points. Had the hold been called it would have been a short 3rd down, and I'm only translating the most obvious and direct bad calls into points.

1st and 10 at the Raider 29. Turner up the middle for a gain of 15. CWood makes one of his cause-a-fumble tackle attempts and Turner runs through it. Ugh. Turner then runs through Hill’s two attempts to tackle him before going out of bounds. CWood’s fault. (I hate to admit it, he’s my favorite Raider, but he should have stopped that run after a 5 yard gain.)

1st and 10 at Raider 14. Turner off tackle. CWood makes a great play but it is holding on San Diego anyway.

1st and 20. Brees with lots of time… Good coverage forces him to dump it off to Turner. Gain of 7. Nice tackle by Morrisson.
2nd and 13. McCardell jukes Washington but drops a beautiful pass in the endzone. It should be 3rd and 13. Is it? No. Burgess swats Brees’ shoulder pad at the end of the play- his wrist passes along the side of Brees’ head, and he gets called for roughing the passer. This is an obscene call. The Raiders were in a great position to force a field goal, and instead have to contend with San Diego getting a new set of down at the Raider 7 yard line. You can reasonably assume the Raiders would hold San Diego to a field goals given 3rd and 13 from the 17 yard line. You cannot reasonably expect that given a 1st and goal from the 7!!! The officials just spotted San Diego another 0-4 points.

The officials have now spotted San Diego 6-17 points!!!

1st and goal from Raider 7. Thomlinson off tackle left scores a touchdown. Sigh… Not sure where the D failed. Seemed like Kelly didn’t shoot the gap fast enough or Sapp took himself out of the play. The score is now 14-0.

Carr makes a nice runback on the kickoff. Okay let him return kickoffs. NO PUNTS!
1st and 10 from 35. LJ up the middle for 2.
2nd and 10. Porter watches the ball into his chest, watches it bounce off his chest. The Raiders are shell-shocked. You can’t blame them.
3rd and 8. 1st down to Porter down the middle for 12. Nice catch and run.



2nd and 10. Collins takes a sack. San Diego celebrates as though they’ve earned anything all day. 3rd and 14. Collins to Gabriel. He breaks 2 tackles and gets to the 25. Gain of 42. GREAT PLAY by Gabriel.

1st and 10. 21 yard pass to Randall Williams. Great pass.

1st and 10 from the 4. LJ for a touchdown. You might ask why I still say the officials gave 3-7 points to the Chargers when we scored on the drive despite the bad non-call. How else are you to judge these things? I mean are you only supposed to count the bad calls the Raiders CANNOT overcome? No. That makes no sense. You count them all. Do you count the bad calls that went against San Diego. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, you do. And I’m counting them. There are none.

Kickoff. Chargers return it to the 26.

1st and 10 from San Diego 27. Pass to O’Neal. Gain of 8 after CWOOD MISSES ANOTHER TACKLE. UGH.
2ND and 2. LT for 4 up the left side.



At the end of the 1st quarter the score is Oakland 7, San Diego 14. The officials have GIVEN San Diego 9-24 points. Had the officials called the game fairly the Oakland would be leading by 2 at worst, and leading by 31 at best.

I’m reading a lot of people calling for Turner to be fired, for Collins to be benched, or for both. Many people are worried the Raider players will grow discouraged and stop trying. No team in the NFL can overcome this kind of officiating when playing against a team like San Diego. It is simply impossible. Don’t blame Turner, don’t blame Collins, don’t blame Al Davis, and DO NOT credit San Diego. The officials are playing against the Raiders. They are not being neutral.

I challenge any professional sportscaster to sit down and show where any of the calls or non-calls highlighted above were correct calls or non-calls. They cannot. The officials are growing arrogant. They are not even bothering to try and hide their “management” of the game. Raider fans, do not allow them to make you hate or feel disgust for your Oakland Raiders. All the anger, pain, disappointment, and frustration you feel should be focused and channeled toward protesting the officials’ blatant bias. They are ruining our game.


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  • At 3:41 AM, Blogger Raider4Eternity said…

    I totally agree that the blatently obvious bias from the NFL officials has become completely out of control. It all started with the great "screw job" game one snowy night in Foxboro January 2002. Thats the night that will always be remembered as the night the NFL finally pulled back the covers enough for the whole world to see that they were no longer going to protect the sanctity of the game we all so dearly love.
    Instead the NFL would rather let their hatred of Al Davis possibly take down forever the game of Pro Football that so many including Al Davis spent the better part of 50 years building. I know there are thousands of us some not even Raider fans but fans of the sport that have had enough of this sh!t. Here's the question, what is the best way of going about fighting back? This is something so important that it needs to be conducted in the best possible manner to have any success. One thing for sure we can no longer sit back and bitch about it without putting some kind of plan into action.

  • At 4:29 AM, Blogger raiderman41 said…

    The solution:

    A class action suit against the NFL involving Raiders fans all over the nation. . .ticket buyers. . .NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers. . .we have all put out money to watch this bias.

    Imagine the egg on the NFL's face. Three videos could show exactly how biased it has become.

    Show Gannon's tackle and body slam by Ravens' DT Tony Siragusa in the playoff game. Show Gannon's helmet to helmet hit by Derrick Brooks that ended his career.

    Neither one was flagged.

    Now show Derrick Burgess' RTP call last weekend.



  • At 5:32 AM, Blogger jsharp said…

    Even pete Rozelle would not dare touch the ethical nature of the game as the commisioner now is. I have loved watching the Raiders since I was able to see a TV. I have given up on the "sport". It reminds me of Pro Wrestling cause the outcome is decided, they just put on a show. The NFL has lost one of their biggest fans, I cancelled my Directv the day after the Tuck rule and while I used to watch 16 hrs of football weekly. Now none, I could really care less. I have other things to do now, its my son I feel bad for. Some of my best memories are watching the Raiders and it is over. He will not share that joy with me. The ball sports have outgrown on-field officials, just look at whats happening in the baseball playoffs. The technology is there to put in place officiating the does not make mistakes, the owners and commisioners will not allow it cause it takes power and money away from them. A lawsuit will get nowhere unless we get Bill Gates on our side. Nothing left to do but follow they only sport left that lets its participants decide the outcome, Auto Racing.

    I would like to see Mr. Davis pull his team right out of the league. I would feel sorry for those employed by him, but its gone too far for any other solution. Hell, its obvious the NFL is not going to let him win anyway in his last years. I feel bad for my son.

  • At 7:34 AM, Blogger 510Raider said…

    Come on guys, you have to be kidding me. If there is a conspiracy against the Raiders then we made it to the superbowl despite it. The fact is this team is garbage, Al picked a coach who's best season was 10-6 and a first round playoff loss and a QB who's career has been below mediocre if you take away his superbowl season with the Giants.
    Davis got what he paid for and pinning this loss on the refs is merely shifting blame from the truly responsible parties; the coaching staff and players.

    Good teams win in spite of adversity (whether it be bad officiating, injuries, etc.). Bad teams fold up like a cheap suit.

    This is a bad team guys.

  • At 7:35 AM, Blogger raiderman41 said…

    I'm telling you that a class action suit COULD make a difference.

    At the very least, it would show how the officiating in the NFL is terribly inconsistent. At the best, it would show that the NFL is like pro wrestling today; the outcome is decided before the first whistle.

    Imagine if fans stood together on this one. All we would need is one tough attorney willing to take this on.

    I'm sick of it.

  • At 9:38 AM, Blogger Harkonnendog said…

    Whether there's a conspiracy or not doesn't matter, though. What matters is the way the officials are ruining the games. Their motivation is irrevelant... we don't need motive to prove they are bias because the bias is obvious.

    Nobody can argue about the bad calls because they were so obvious... so BLATANT.

    A class action suit couldn't hurt, imho. The NFL should just dump all the current officials and bring in college officials on a random and rotating basis.

  • At 1:32 PM, Blogger cabronte said…

    510raider said "Come on guys, you have to be kidding me. If there is a conspiracy against the Raiders then we made it to the superbowl despite it."

    Bias is not conspiracy. Conspiracy is planned whereas bias is subjective and can be based on individual preconcieved ideals.

    I agree. The team sucks. This team can't overcome their penalties and the ones that benefit the opposition. But the Raiders do get calls against primarily because they make so many boneheaded, ill-timed, absolutely brainless penalties that the referees expect them to fail. When the Raiders were at their pinnacle the penalities weren't stupid offside, movement, holding penalities. They were personal foul, unnesscessary roughness, type calls where the other team was getting beat up. My comment after Sunday's game was "They must spend a lot of money on shoes because they keep shooting themselves in the foot."

    But the two interference calls on Moss were missed. So were several blatant holding calls, including the one on Woodson that I could see from the opposite end of the field. The Raiders aren't getting those calls either.

    It's like baseball. People have always complained about Greg Maddox getting favorable calls from the home plate ump. Why? Because Maddox can pick the corners like very few have. So they get the benefit of the doubt. The Raiders don't get the benefit of the doubt in most cases.

  • At 2:19 PM, Blogger raiderman41 said…

    Imagine showing the video of Gannon getting slammed into the turf by Siragusa. No flag.

    And then show the helmet to helmet that ended Gannon's career. No flag.

    And then show the "roughing the passer against Burgess" when he touched Brees' shoulder?

    At best, the NFL's defense would be, "our refs suck."

    At worst, it would show that games are being decided by officials who aren't calling games consistently.

    Whether it's a conspiracy or just officials calling it very tight on the Raiders because of their reputation is immaterial. The calls are not being called consistently and it's killing the Raiders.

    For those of you who that there isn't a problem here's one question: When was the last time that you watched a Raiders' game and thought, "boy the calls went our way this game."

    It NEVER happens.

  • At 2:51 PM, Blogger Harkonnendog said…

    Raiderman you're right. I'm going to do a post, once I get some more time, showing that not only do the Raiders get called more often, (which would make sense if they were a poor team) but that their opponents are called for penalties LESS OFTEN than they are against other teams.

    This goes beyond the wrong, but reasonable bias Cabronte talks about and makes it seem sinister. Unless one argues that the refrees watch the Raiders more...

    Anyway thanks everyone for the comments. Please keep them coming.

  • At 7:50 PM, Blogger LTFanMan said…


    You're hearing this from a diehard Stabler/Marcus/Plunkett fan - STFU you whiny-assed punks

    The Bolts had two lost games caused by zebras calling roughing penalties when the QBs helmet was grazed w/[b]NO[/] discernable movement of the head being caused by these phantom blows - both resulted in extending drives resulting in 4th qtr TDs.

    We bitched and then came back and beat the Worl Champs -

    Lookit losers - we've lost three games by a total of nine points and could well be 6 - 0.

    LT alone has more TDs then your entire punk assed bunch of wanna be felons and bitches -

    All I heard was the continual rantings that Jorden would shame LT and be the next coming of Earl Campbell. Hmmmmmmm 39 yards over the Bolt D you assclowns swore you would rip 300 yds off of.

    Screw job - nope - just the well deserved residue of lack of talent coming home to roost in the sewers of Oakland !

  • At 2:26 PM, Blogger raiderman41 said…

    The Chargers won the game because of the refs. Period.

    Take 9 points away from the Chargers.

    Add 9 points to the Raiders.

    This is what the refs did at a minimum.

    Now the 27-14 win for SD becomes an 18-23 loss for the Chargers.

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