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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Where did the motivation to blog go???

It is gone, no doubt. I think it left when the Iraqis approved their constitution. If I started this because I feared the left would Vietnam Iraq then I've no reason to continue if I think the left has lost.

I think it has. Of course this means we've all won, even the left.

But where does this leave this little bit of bloggedy goodness?

It could be a writer's blog, for publishing, sharing, and publicizing my novels NEVA and CLOWN, and for editing and illustrating my chidlren's novel THE ADVENTURES OF TUTU-MAN AND LILIANA, and for wrapping up my unfinished novel JACOB, and for selling my screenplay which is so old I can't remember its name...

Or maybe I could publish, here, my two hundred + poems- in a sort of big FU to the world or in a fit of self-mockery.



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