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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Writer's Blog Day 2

Looks like Lulu.com is the way to go. Spent a few hours getting CLOWN ready. Will update as the day grows long.p

Spent the day using the Microsoft Word grammar check. Got to Chapter 20. Mostly I'm deleting extra spaces between words, lol. I did learn, however, that you capitalize East when it is a place, as opposed to a direction, and that "I lay down" is past tense, and "have lain down" is correct... as opposed to "have laid down." Kinda fun, this mindless editing. Once I get the next 20 chapters done I'll reread CLOWN looking for the kind of typos Word can't catch. Misspelling that happened to spell other words, etc.

Not that I haven't done all this like 10 times. I have. Somehow these things grow all by themselves, I think.


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