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Monday, January 16, 2006

Tomorrow's Plan:

I'll start making the editing changes I made on the plane to the computer tomorrow. Get this chit going...

It's very strange at work lately...

Not only are people not buying- they're weird. They keep saying they can't afford what I sell before they know the prices. Then when I tell them the prices they say they can't afford them. Then they ask to try the products out anyways. Then they say they can't afford them.

If you know you can't afford them why are you coming in here? Why are you asking me the prices? Why are you asking to try them after I've told you price and you've told me you can't afford them? Why are you walking in here with all your shields up, as if I am trying to hustle you, when I'm just sitting here? Why do you have that fucked disgusted look on your face when you're on vacation? Why do you get defensive when I ask you if you want help? Why do you get offended if I greet you and then leave you alone? Why are you in a mall shopping when you've no intention of buying? Why do you go on vacation in Hawaii when you don't like the beach? Don't you have malls at home? Why are you here on a gorgeous day? Why do you ask me how business is? Why do you say "Different..."? Why do you tell me stories about similar products you own?

Why do I have this fucking job I hate? So I can write while I'm at work? Then why aren't I writing?

Hrm... I'll just say it... Poor people suck ass. Well, no, they don't suck ass... but the ones that do the above suck ass, poor or not.


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