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Thursday, January 26, 2006

American Digest Curmudgeons

Here is the post. Basically it says my generation is a bunch of pussies. It wouldn't allow my comments, below, because of "questionable content." (Wtf?) So I'm posting them here.

You're correct about Stein, but wrong to generalize from him about the generation he's from.

"A generation finely tuned to irony and nothingness and tone deaf to duty and soul."

Lol. You are awfully hard on the generation fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan right now- made up ENTIRELY of volunteers- and by all accounts fighting bravely and well. Yeah yeah, you used qualifiers, but you still chose the word "generation."

"No, it is only to say that this new voice that we hear throughout the land from so many of the young betokens a weaker and less certain brand of citizen than we have been used to in our history."
When you hear this voice from people younger than Stein, college-age and lower, it is a symptom of humility and recognition that with age comes wisdom- and it is partly a response to, and a rejection of, the boomer generation. The one that was so sure it was right about everything, and was
dead wrong about so much.

Respect for elders is a virtue, not a sign of weakness. Neither is bluster certainty.


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