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Friday, November 11, 2005

CLOWN update

Okay I've made it to chapter 33. There are only 40 chapters, so this particular editing job is jesabout done.


Then, I guess I'll print it out when I get home and read it over the weekend, looking for the kind of typos the computer doesn't catch. I enjoy reading it anyway. Then on Monday I'll come in and upload it, I guess.
Then y'all CAN BUY IT!!! WHOO-HOO!! (It sounds like Horny George is going to be the first to purchase.)
You'll be able to buy a real book for 14.95 plus shipping. Total rip-off EXCEPT it is not. Why? Because people constantly buy shitty books for 8 or 9 bucks because they've bought great books for 8 or 9 bucks. In fact I bet people buy 10 shitty books for each great book they buy, which means you actually spend $64-$81 dollars for a great book!

That doesn't even factor in the time you've wasted reading the crappy ones, right?

Well, CLOWN is great, if I do say so myself. And, yeah, I feel that way, so I'll say it. I would say it is better than anything I've read since Stephenson's Baroque Cycle... In fact it is better than any not Stephenson book I've read in the last 3 years. So depending on your reading habits it is worth AT LEAST 15 bucks, and possibly... well, the sky is the limit, given this logic, right? I mean if I had know Cryptonomicon was as great as it is I would have dropped a hundred without hesitation.

And it gets great reviews from readers. I mean the ratio of people who think it is great to people who think it is just another book is around 9-1. So odds are you'll dig it, and find it is at least 15 abalones.


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