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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pats fans SUCK!!!

No, you weren't robbed. The Oakland Raiders were robbed. You weren't. You were beat. You were the lesser team. The refs didn't cost you this game, they GAVE YOU THAT GAME, you know, the one that started your so called dynasty. You whining bitches.

Oh, and what happened to your sickening excuses- "There was still time in that game. It wasn't like time ran out, there was still football to be played." How come that doens't appy to you miserable shitbags when you had THE ENTIRE GAME TO BE PLAYED? You are bitching aboutt a call IN THE FIRST FUGGIN' HALF!!! Asshats.

Oh, and btw, your miserable organization fell back-asswards into getting Joe Montana. No, that's not the genius of Bill Bellicek, you friggin' 'tards, it is the luck of Kramer, that won you 3 Super Bowls. Just look at what happened when Joe Montana's spirit decided he'd rather use Ben Roethlisburger for a host...

I'll admit you picked up Rodney Harrison when we passed, okay. But that's it. Other than that you guys suck.


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