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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Done with the typo reviews.

I guess... Also, I cut off the epilogue. I just don't think it adds anything, do you? I think the ending is more powerful sans explanation.

I really want to do ANOTHER typo review... I guess a person could end up doing a million of them... Will I? won't I? argh I don't know. It seems like such a final step to publish it. Maybe one more- ONE MORE ONLY!!! review would be better...


  • At 7:03 PM, Blogger Crazy Diamond said…

    Hmmm, it occurred to me I hadn't seen your analysis of the Chokeland v. Dungver game so I came by to see it. I figured surely I'd find out at least the score, but I had to go to the nfl site just to find out what happened (shows how much attention I pay). But now that I've read your recent posts, I can see you've been doing much more productive work. Hope you find all your most irritating typos! Cheers!

  • At 3:22 PM, Blogger Harkonnendog said…

    Hey Diamond!!! Long time no see!!!
    Hope you are well. I'm going to bug you to buy a copy of Clown, hahhaha.

    No seriously. please?



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